• For a Saturday event, when would the marquee be ready?

    Depends on the type of event, but for example a Saturday wedding or party we like to have the marquee ready no later than Friday lunchtime.

  • Can you erect a marquee next to our house?

    Our clear span marquees can be constructed next to buildings on hard stand areas as well as open areas such as fields and parkland.

  • Will the marquee cause any damage to our lawn?

    Not really, except on soft wet lawns. We always suggest a wooden floor of weblok design, manufactured for the marquee industry. Once lifted, a slight yellowing may result, but the grass will quickly return to normal.

  • When should we cut our grass?

    Don’t leave it to the last minute. The aim is to erect the marquee on a dry surface to limit condensation and  damage to the lawn. Cut a couple of days prior to allow drying out.

  • Are the marquees safe?

    Our marquees are fully staked and/or weighted, and completely fire retardant and waterproof. They are manufactured in accordance with EC design standards.

  • Can you supply heating?

    Yes, we offer thermostatically controlled, gas fuelled heaters which are situated outside the marquee. They can also be used during the summer months with the fan only setting, circulating the air within the marquee.

  • What about power supply to the marquee?

    Depending on your power requirements, our qualified staff will advise you on any additional power, e.g. a generator

  • On a particularly warm day can the sides of the marquee be open?

    Yes. The construction of the marquee works on a curtain rail system allowing the walls to be open or closed.